Some would say, why should I plan a marriage proposal? It’s not like it is required or necessary.

Sure it’s not a compulsion to plan a proposal but if you do plan one, it will definitely take your relationship to the next level. How you would ask? Well, let us tell you how.

When you love someone truly, madly, deeply, you do special things for them. You take them out for dinner dates, movies, travel together and what not. All these memories make it to your album of remembrance. However, there are bigger events that precede all these. Your wedding day, the birth of your first child, you child’s first footsteps et cetera. The impact and nostalgia that these events create throughout your life is exceptional.

We believe a marriage proposal holds similar value in a person’s life. The day you decide you want to marry a person; don’t you think it needs something special to mark that occasion? A marriage proposal not only is a promise of forever commitment, it is also an expression of your love. It shows the efforts you took to surprise your special someone by asking their hand for marriage in the most exceptional way ever. It reflects how throughout your life you’d be willing to take those extra efforts just to make your loved one smile. Not only it is a big day for you, it’s the D-day for your partner as well. They too are making the decision of choosing you to be their forever only! A day like this surely demands a celebration. Let a marriage proposal be that celebration.

Some would now ask, what about people whose marriages are being arranged by their parents?

Our client Shashank, who was in a similar situation answered this question perfectly for us. He said, “Engagement or Roka ceremony were the formalities of arranged marriages that we did for our parents. This proposal will be a token of commitment from me to her. I am doing this for us and no one else. I want to let her know I’ll keep coming up with surprises to keep her happy our whole life.”

We believe people whose weddings are being arranged by their parents need marriage proposals more than anyone else. Couples in arranged marriage scenarios hardly have spent any time together. They barely get to know each other or create those memories of “first date” or “first movie”. A marriage proposal could be that first memory for the two of you. Your families might join in or opt out but you will always be the one calling shots in your wedding proposal.

The sole reason why we chose to be the first proposal planners in India is that we love to see you fall in love. Expressing your love and commitment with a marriage proposal could be your reason of choosing to propose.

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