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We’re always excited to meet new talent and watch them bring their creative minds to the table. If you are someone who:

Resonates with our ideologies
Finds peace in other people’s smile
Loves a good rom-com and cries over every romantic scene
Can differentiate between purple and lavender
Can identify and name at least 10 different flowers

Then we would love to meet you and make you a part of our team. Fill in your details below along with your resume but instead of a cover-letter; share with us how you will design a proposal given you can only use the things available in your house at this current moment. Brownie points for those who sends us a picture of their final setup or even a craft item they made out of scraps at home.


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    Quality vendors are what make us who we are. We appreciate innovation and if your piece of art product is what satisfies our constant desire for “Brand-New” then we’d love to include you to our network of vendors. Just make sure whatever you offer is

    Brand New
    & High Quality

    If you are looking for a collaboration with us, we’d love to meet you as well. Share your details along with your product here and we’d reach out to you if your product is something we could really use and add to our list of offerings.

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