Finding a marriage proposal planner in India can be very difficult for it’s a trend that is just coming to India. Any proposal planner knows a wedding proposal is so much more than just mere decorations. It’s important for a marriage proposal planner to understand you and your partner completely. We go to great lengths to know about you two and then create proposal ideas that take you back to the most beautiful memory of you two or even help you create a new one. We bet you’d be telling stories about your marriage proposal for years to come.

Considering you are already here looking for help from a marriage proposal planner, we assume you have found “The One” for yourself. That’s one tick off the checklist. 

Now let us help you plan your dream proposal. The entire process, from coming up with unique proposal ideas to the moment she says “Yes” requires a lot of detailing and meticulous planning. Be assured, we will take care of the “stressful” part while you just sit back and relax as you prepare your proposal speech and pick out the perfect ring (in case you have any troubles with the latter ones, remember, we can always help you with them as well).

Let us now explain to you how your surprise marriage proposal will unfold, step by step-

STEP 01: Now that you’ve already decided that you want to have a surprise marriage proposal for your partner and have reached our website, you should first fill out the contact form and one of our romanticists will get in touch with you within 48 working hours to discuss your big day further.
(If it’s an urgent enquiry, feel free to write to us on or call on +91 916 713 3512.)

STEP 02:
Based on your conversation, our romanticists will share a personalized marriage proposal questionnaire with you. This will help us understand the personalities of both of you better. It’s really important for us to know what it is that you madly like or totally hate, in order to carefully craft personalized proposal ideas for you. Also, if you already have thought of a proposal idea yourself and need help with the execution bit of it, feel free to share that with us as well. Don’t hold any wish or demands back.

STEP 03:
Our romanticists will then work around the proposal questionnaire you’ve filled up and come up with unique and utterly romantic marriage proposal ideas, as per the chosen package. You’ll receive the promised number of ideas from our end, along with the quotation and flow of events that’ll help you virtually understand the ins and outs of your event.

STEP 04: Time to finalize things! Out of the proposal ideas that we share, you get to pick the one marriage proposal idea that you like the most. One of our romanticists will have a 30-minute private consultation to assist you with any questions or doubts regarding the plan and its execution. Feel free to ask us anything and everything.

STEP 05: Just sit back and relax while we do the behind the scenes action. And yes, don’t forget to prepare your proposal speech once you’ve picked the engagement ring.

Now if you’ve understood how we work and want to take this ahead, please fill out our “contact form” or give us a call at +91-9167133512. Let’s help you pull off an “out of a rom-com” marriage proposal.

If there are still any doubts or queries that you think we missed out in here, please go through our “Frequently Asked Questions” and you’ll find an answer to all your questions.

Also, if you wish your partner would plan a wedding proposal for you but don’t want to say it out loud to them; fill in our “Drop a hint” form and let us do the task for you. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it a secret between you and us. We’re experts at keeping secrets!



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