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While a marriage proposal is a concept from the West, it definitely is catching up in India and other regions as well and why should it not? It’s an amazing feeling for both the people involved and more than that; it’s a memory to be cherished forever.

When you are in a relationship with someone and feel like this person completes you and is someone you would want to spend your life with, you obviously want to marry that person. This is where a marriage proposal comes in. A marriage proposal is kind of an engagement but generally involves just the two people; the one who is proposing and the one who is getting proposed.

You must have seen a dozens of movies where the girl or the guy bends down on his/her knee and asks the most important question, “Will you marry me?”

This exact moment is a wedding proposal. Your partner then says a “yes” or a “no” depending on whether or not you are on the same page but 99.99% of the times, it’s a “YES!” since if the very idea of getting married has already hit you, you both sure are too close to one another.

Why not? Marriage proposals are much more than getting a “yes” or “no” from your partner. They are a memory, a memoir of your love for your partner. Since your parents have arranged your marriage, you sure have met your partner only a few times and probably haven’t had the time to create the memories of a “first date” or a “first movie night” etc. A marriage proposal might just help you create that very first memory. What would be more appealing to you partner than you taking the effort of planning a romantic surprise for them and presenting them with a beautiful ring to mark the memory. You know it’s always the thought and the effort that counts in a relationship and this very act might bring you two closer than you ever would be in a formal setting.

Generally a surprise marriage proposal is a surprise engagement though you don’t exchange rings and it’s just you giving a ring to your partner. However, if you are someone who would like to celebrate the engagement with both your families, you can always give some other gift like a pendant or a wrist watch for your proposal. In fact, you can even involve your family in the surprise marriage proposal though we highly suggest it be just you and your partner if it’s an arranged marriage setting. Your partner might get a little nervous to see the family around. It’s your perfect chance of opening up to your partner so we suggest you make it about just the two of you.

Probably not. A marriage proposal either among you and your partner or the one involving close families is as good as an intimate engagement. Not only it saves up a lot of planning and preparation time from your end, it also saves you a lot of money. The amount you generally spend on sending out invites, accommodating guests and of course for the venue rental, decor and food for around hundreds of people amazingly comes down when you replace it with a surprise marriage proposal. You can follow up your wedding proposal with a grand dinner with your near and dear ones raising a glass to this special day. It’s a win – win for everyone.

Of course there are things that you surely can do on your own but that involves a lot of planning, time, following-up etc and you eventually would be stressing yourself out instead of getting prepped up for the big day. We on the other hand do it all for you while you just have to give out approvals. Once the plan is finalized, we meet directly on the proposal day or a day before proposal for rehearsal.

Other elements that you might not think of while planning a proposal but may come up as a terrifying shock to you are the nuisances that might happen. You may have planned an outdoor proposal but it rains or you booked a dinner date night but the hotel cancels end moment. All these might spoil the romantic night you wish to plan ahead. This is where we come in. We always keep a check on each and every element so your proposal goes flawless. Our Plan B is always in place in case Plan A is disturbed by unforeseen circumstances so your proposal day goes without a hiccup.

Destination marriage proposals are one of our favorites! The reason behind it is that when you choose to travel to a location with your special someone, you are already traveling to a beautiful city. Both of you are in a good holiday mood and a marriage proposal there can act as a cherry on the cake.

We do destination proposals in India as well as abroad. As far as selecting the destination is concerned, it can either depend on your pre-existing itinerary or we can plan out a detailed itinerary for your vacation. You can always plan a proposal somewhere your partner is traveling to either with their family or friends by surprising them with your visit. Another way you can do it is by planning out a trip months before so your special someone doesn’t suspect something is up. If at all, you wish to plan something very last moment, you can tell them to pack a bag and be ready to leave without telling them where you’re taking them. It mostly depends on what kind of a person is your partner is and how comfortable they are with traveling. Once you decide on what you are going ahead with, we ideate concepts possible in your given location and you finalize on how you’d like to propose. Your travel, stay etc can be taken care of by either one of us.

Personalizing is an essential part of any proposal and to make sure we are on point while personalizing your marriage proposal, we share out a detailed questionnaire where in you can mention all the things about your partner and you. We take that questionnaire as our guide and build things around it. That way, we never miss out on any detail mentioned from your end while also adding in elements to make it an even romantic and cozy event.

We consider it our honor if you ask us to help you with picking out the ring for your big day. We have tie-ups with jewelry stores and designers who would go so far as to design a ring in case you don’t like a ready-made option. As far as knowing your partner’s choice is concerned, we suggest you talk to their friends and family. People tend to share the tiniest details with their friends especially when marriage is on their mind. Check with your partner’s friends. You might find out hints from them into buying the perfect ring.

Cost of your proposal all comes down to the proposal idea and your budget. You can let us know the budget that you have in mind and we can plan everything around it. If you are open to ideas and budget, we can share some options and work out a cost for the one you finalize. The venue, the elements and inclusions all along with photography and videography add up to the final cost of the package. If you plan to organize a celebration dinner later on after the wedding proposal, we can always do that for you at an additional cost.  A wedding proposal at your home will cost lesser than the one in a five star hotel’s suite; it’s as simple as that. So it’s all on what you like or want to plan.

Your thoughtfulness is reflected in the very decision you took, to go ahead and propose to your loved one, most people don’t consider it at all. As far as hiring a planner is concerned, while people have different opinions on it, we find it’s always appreciated. Your partner probably knows that you might not be a professional when it comes to floral designing or ins and outs of an event. Nor do they expect you to learn all that along with your hectic work schedule. Anyone who loves you knows that there is a lot that goes in the process of planning a marriage proposal and even if it wasn’t your hands that made the bouquet, it surely was your choice of flowers that made it into that bouquet and we guess that’s what a healthy relationship is all about.

Of course! We are called Surprise Planners. So whether it’s your wedding anniversary surprise or your partner’s birthday, we’re here to help. We will help you throw wildest bachelorette party and organize the most romantic dinner date surprise. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be just a phone call away. If you are looking for just surprise ideas or romantic date night ideas, we will be happy to help you with that as well!

Surely we can. When we started out, we thought we’d just stick to planning romantic surprises and marriage proposals but a few of our clients loved our dedication, attention to detail and color preferences for their marriage proposals so much that they offered us the planning job for their weddings.

We’re working on three weddings already for the coming season and would love to plan yours as well. Reach out to us and let’s get you ready for your grand finale.

Very important. It’s the first important big memory of you and your partner will have before your wedding, kids, anniversaries come. You sure have to get it on tape so you can keep coming back to it later in life and it makes you feel like that same crazy young lovers even when you turn 50.

YES. Gone are the days when the men were expected to be the one proposing the ladies for marriage. We’re living in the 21st century and women in our world stand as equal as men. We love it that you came up with the very thought of proposing your partner for marriage. Give us a call or shoot an email. We can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind and let’s get this proposal idea in place and working!

That’s a big YES without a doubt. We never were a gender-specific company and never will we be one. We stand for love and love comes in all different shapes, sizes, types and genders. If you have a marriage proposal on your mind, we are all ears to your thoughts. Awaiting for a call from you soon.

Well, you can always hint their friends or siblings who might reach out to them and inform them that a marriage proposal is something that you are secretly wishing for. Show them a proposal video telling them how romantic it would be if someone did it for you. Point out a song and tell them how romantic it would be if someone were to propose to their partner to this song. There are several ways like this to drop subtle hints or you could just reach out to us. Fill in the “Drop a hint” form with your partner’s details and let us send out a few emails and messages to them suggesting they plan a marriage proposal for you. If that doesn’t work out either; you can always take the lead and propose to your partner. It’s the thought and effort that counts right? Either way, you get to create a beautiful moment with your sweetheart which shall stay with you two forever!


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