Whether you are meeting your prospective partner for the first time this evening or have been married for 50 golden years, dates are an integral part of anyone’s love story. Date night is more than just fancy candlelight dinner. It’s a time when you bond with your partner and talk your hearts out. A little secluded time away from the crowd with the one we love is all we crave for. Date night could just be the perfect idea to fulfil it. And above all, you don’t even need an occasion for a romantic date night; just you and your partner are more than enough.

Just like how every person is different, every date comes with its own personality. Some couples like to wine and dine, pampering their partner with all the luxury and opulence. Binge-watching the latest series under a cozy blanket fort is the ideal date for some. And then there are some who plan an all-out date night as their life’s only mission. No matter what category of partner you belong to, more often than not you run out of romantic date ideas.

Be it a forgotten birthday surprise or a romantic dinner that you could never plan, there’s a chance your partner has been pissed, at least once! And we understand it’s all possible.

Sometimes we all get caught up with work and days as important as our anniversary or our partner’s birthday skips our mind. We, however, still struggle till the end moment to get something or the other done. Sadly we end up with nothing more than a cake or bouquet. For those end moment panic situations, you always have us.

Surprise Planners is India’s first and leading personalised date planning service. We don’t just help you with custom-crafted and unique date ideas, we also help you bring them to life. We take care of all the necessary venue reservations, selection & booking of vendors and complete coordination till the time your partner has a big smile on their face!

Be it a romantic dinner celebrating your anniversary, a birthday surprise or a valentine’s date, we will always have your back.

Our dedicated team of romanticists will make sure your special date goes seamlessly with no scope for any sticky situations.

How does it work?

Just fill up our contact form here, and we’ll get back to you within 48 working hours with personalised date night ideas.
If you are short on time, feel free to email us on and we’ll get back to you sooner than we can.
(Please note, we charge 15% additional as the last minute planning fees for events in under 3 days)

So if you are looking for a date planner in India or even abroad, we are there for you!




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